gladesville physie FAQ

Here are answers to some questions you may have.

How much do lessons cost at gladesville ryde physie?

Annual membership for Gladesville Ryde Physie is $45 and annual membership to our association, BJP, is $55.  Our term fees (four terms per year) range from $75 for preschoolers to $110 for 5-16yrs and $120 for seniors and ladies.

What are the term dates for this year?
Term 1 – Saturday 4 February to Monday 10 April inclusive
Term 2 – Saturday 22 April to Monday 3 July inclusive
Term 3 – Saturday 8 July to Monday 11 September inclusive
Term 4 – Saturday 16 September to Monday 27 November inclusive
What do you actually do in class?

After greeting your friends and being welcomed to class by your teacher, you’ll begin with some easy stretching and warming up. Next, you’ll practice your posture by marching or start learning a new dance routine. For the little ones there are always fun games that everyone loves. Each lesson is designed to make sure that you improve a little every single week and caters to the ability level of the group.

How many students are in a class?

There are between 5 to 20 students in each class, depending on the age group of the students. Our classes often have an assistant teacher or demonstrator as well.

Can I try Physie before committing to join?

Yes. You are welcome to come to an introductory class obligation free. You can watch or participate in a class to see what it’s like before committing to join our club. To join us for a free trial class please click here.

What type of Physie competitions are there and do I have to compete?

There are two types of BJP Physie competitions. The first is team-­based with 8 girls or ladies in one team performing routines together and the second is called Champion Girl, where girls pursue their individual goals. There are various competitions throughout the year, with club, interclub, regional, state and finally national competitions. Every year, the National Championships are held at the Sydney Opera House where girls from all over Australia compete for the title of Senior Grand Champion. Competitions are completely optional, though they are a great way to build confidence and meet other Physie girls from all over Australia! It’s a wonderful experience designed to encourage girls to become comfortable performing in a safe, positive environment.

We’d love to invite you or your child to our club for an introductory lesson to see what Physie is all about at Gladesville Physie.
Click here to register for a free trial